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MyCaffe.basecode.descriptors.ValueDescriptor Class Reference

The ValueDescriptor class contains the description of a single value. More...

Inheritance diagram for MyCaffe.basecode.descriptors.ValueDescriptor:

Public Member Functions

 ValueDescriptor (int nID, string strName, double dfVal, string strOwner)
 The ValueDescriptor constructor. More...
 ValueDescriptor (ValueDescriptor v)
 The ValueDescriptor constructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MyCaffe.basecode.descriptors.BaseDescriptor
 BaseDescriptor (int nID, string strName, string strOwner)
 The BaseDescriptor constructor. More...
 BaseDescriptor (BaseDescriptor b)
 The BaseDescriptor constructor. More...
void Copy (BaseDescriptor b)
 Copy another BaseDescriptor into this one. More...


double Value [get]
 Returns the value of the item. More...
- Properties inherited from MyCaffe.basecode.descriptors.BaseDescriptor
int ID [getset]
 Get/set the database ID of the item. More...
string Name [getset]
 Get/set the name of the item. More...
string Owner [getset]
 Get/set the owner of the item. More...

Detailed Description

The ValueDescriptor class contains the description of a single value.

Definition at line 13 of file ValueDescriptor.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ValueDescriptor() [1/2]

MyCaffe.basecode.descriptors.ValueDescriptor.ValueDescriptor ( int  nID,
string  strName,
double  dfVal,
string  strOwner 

The ValueDescriptor constructor.

nIDSpecifies the database ID of the item.
strNameSpecifies the name of the item.
dfValSpecifies the value of the item.
strOwnerSpecifies the identifier of the item's owner.

Definition at line 24 of file ValueDescriptor.cs.

◆ ValueDescriptor() [2/2]

MyCaffe.basecode.descriptors.ValueDescriptor.ValueDescriptor ( ValueDescriptor  v)

The ValueDescriptor constructor.

vSpecifies another ValueDescriptor used to create this one.

Definition at line 34 of file ValueDescriptor.cs.

Property Documentation

◆ Value

double MyCaffe.basecode.descriptors.ValueDescriptor.Value

Returns the value of the item.

Definition at line 42 of file ValueDescriptor.cs.

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