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MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo Class Reference

The MultiBoxHeadInfo contains information used to build the multi-box head of layers. More...

Public Member Functions

 MultiBoxHeadInfo (string strSrcLayer, double? dfMinSize=null, double? dfMaxSize=null, double? dfStepWidth=null, double? dfStepHeight=null, double? dfAspectRatioWidth=null, double? dfAspectRatioHeight=null, double? dfNormalization=null, int? nInterLayerDepth=null)
 The constructor. More...
bool Verify (MultiBoxHeadInfo info)
 Verify that all numical values are consistently set (or not) between two info objects. More...


string SourceLayer [get]
 Returns the source layer. More...
double? MinSize [get]
 Returns the bbox minimum size. More...
double? MaxSize [get]
 Returns the bbox maximum size. More...
double? StepHeight [get]
 Returns the step eight. More...
double? StepWidth [get]
 Returns the step width. More...
double? AspectRatioHeight [get]
 Returns the aspect ratio height. More...
double? AspectRatioWidth [get]
 Returns the aspect ratio width. More...
double? Normalization [get]
 Returns the normalization, or -1 to ignore. More...
double? InterLayerDepth [get]
 Returns the inner layer depth, or -1 to ignore. More...

Detailed Description

The MultiBoxHeadInfo contains information used to build the multi-box head of layers.

Definition at line 1122 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MultiBoxHeadInfo()

MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo.MultiBoxHeadInfo ( string  strSrcLayer,
double?  dfMinSize = null,
double?  dfMaxSize = null,
double?  dfStepWidth = null,
double?  dfStepHeight = null,
double?  dfAspectRatioWidth = null,
double?  dfAspectRatioHeight = null,
double?  dfNormalization = null,
int?  nInterLayerDepth = null 

The constructor.

strSrcLayerSpecifies the source layer.
dfMinSizeSpecifies the minimum bbox size.
dfMaxSizeSpecifies the maximum bbox size.
dfStepWidthSpecifies the step width size.
dfStepHeightSpecifies the step height size.
dfAspectRatioWidthSpecifies the aspect ratio width.
dfAspectRatioHeightSpecifies the aspect ratio height.
dfNormalizationSpecifies the normalization to use or -1 to ignore.
nInterLayerDepthSpecifies the inner layer depth or -1 to ignore.

Definition at line 1146 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Verify()

bool MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo.Verify ( MultiBoxHeadInfo  info)

Verify that all numical values are consistently set (or not) between two info objects.

infoSpecifies the info object to compare.
If the settings are consistent, true is returned, otherwise false is returned.

Definition at line 1172 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

Property Documentation

◆ AspectRatioHeight

double? MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo.AspectRatioHeight

Returns the aspect ratio height.

Definition at line 1244 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

◆ AspectRatioWidth

double? MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo.AspectRatioWidth

Returns the aspect ratio width.

Definition at line 1252 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

◆ InterLayerDepth

double? MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo.InterLayerDepth

Returns the inner layer depth, or -1 to ignore.

Definition at line 1268 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

◆ MaxSize

double? MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo.MaxSize

Returns the bbox maximum size.

Definition at line 1220 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

◆ MinSize

double? MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo.MinSize

Returns the bbox minimum size.

Definition at line 1212 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

◆ Normalization

double? MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo.Normalization

Returns the normalization, or -1 to ignore.

Definition at line 1260 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

◆ SourceLayer

string MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo.SourceLayer

Returns the source layer.

Definition at line 1204 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

◆ StepHeight

double? MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo.StepHeight

Returns the step eight.

Definition at line 1228 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

◆ StepWidth

double? MyCaffe.model.MultiBoxHeadInfo.StepWidth

Returns the step width.

Definition at line 1236 of file ModelBuilder.cs.

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