SignalPop Trading Studio™

Real-time Gamma Exposure with comprehensive option derived Buy/Sell Pressure indicators and AI Predicted Momentum.

Know the Market Structure

Option open interest shown for up to 200 strikes - thirty days into the future, updated each night, with gamma exposure and buy/sell pressures across all options updated in real-time.

Know the Price Reaction to the Market Structure

Option open interest, gamma exposure and buy/sell pressures shown in real-time on real-time price charts - giving you a first hand view on how the price reacts to key strikes.

Know where the Market is Going in Real-Time

  • Real-Time Buy/Sell Pressures derived from option activity.
  • Short-Term Buy/Sell Pressure History over recent minute*.
  • Long-Term Buy/Sell Pressure Accumulation to show buying and selling trends*.
  • * Only available in ADVANCED mode.
  • Real-time AI Directional Predictions on multiple time-periods**.
  • Analyzing over 40,000 data points in under 100 milliseconds on select GPUs**.
  • **Qualifying NVIDIA GPU required, AI features only available on select symbols.  Only available in ADVANCED mode.


Real-time gamma exposure (GEX) and GEX price chart overlays along with current Buy/Sell Pressure.  Built for Windows 10/11 users. 

  • Real-Time Gamma Exposure Chart
  • Real-Time Price Charts
  • Real-Time Current Buy/Sell Pressure
  • Real-Time Trade Analytics
  • Price Chart Indicators
  • ADVANCED mode access for 30 days
  • Unlimited Commission Free Trades!
  • See System Requirements


Real-time gamma exposure (GEX) with real-time Buy/Sell Pressure, Short-Term Buy/Sell Pressure History and Long-Term Buy/Sell Pressure Accumulation with Real-Time AI Price Momentum Predictions.

  • All BASIC Features
  • Predictive AI Momentum (requires GPU)
  • Predictive AI Trend (experimental)
  • Buy/Sell Pressure Short Term History
  • Buy/Sell Pressure Accumulation Indicator
  • Buy/Sell Accumulation Strength Indicator
  • Price Bollinger Band %b Indicator
  • RSI Bollinger Band %b Indicator
  • See System Requirements

A BASIC or ADVANCED Tradier account is required for real-time data and trading.

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