Trading Studio

Welcome to the SignalPop Trading Studio™, your go-to Windows App for AI-driven, real-time Gamma Exposure, Buy/Sell Pressure and Momentum Prediction – with unlimited commission free trades via our partnership with the Tradier Brokerage!

Report Issues – when reporting issues, please be specific and attach screen shots showing the problem, to help us resolve the issue as soon as possible.  Also, any suggestions provided are appreciated!

Getting Started – the getting started document shows you how to use the SignalPop Trading Studio application.

Recommended GPUs – The SignalPop Trading Studio will run without a GPU, but all AI functionality requires an NVIDIA CUDA enabled GPU with at least 4GB of video memory.  We test on entry level GPU’s like the following:

Trading Studio Updates

For changes and bug updates, please see the Trading Studio bug reporting site on Git.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements listed on the SignalPop Trading Studio page.

Trading Studio HOT Release – version 1.11.8.x
Trading Studio Stable Release – version 1.11.7.x

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