Dave Brown, Founder SignalPop LLC

SignalPop LLC was founded by Dave Brown, its CEO, deep in the wind swept straights of the Columbia River Gorge between Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood.

Inspired by the open-source deep learning CAFFE framework developed by Berkeley AI Research (BAIR), Dave originally used its source code example to learn how to use the NVIDIA cuDnn libraries.

Since CAFFE was made for expression, speed and modularity, with the vision to open its framework to a much greater developer audience, Dave set out to expand its reach and re-wrote the entire source base (including all automated tests) in the Windows C# language. Thus the open-source MyCaffe was born creating a full AI development platform for Windows developers. As a contributor to the Microsoft\OnnxRuntime open-source project, Dave is continually looking for ways to extend the reach of MyCaffe to new and exciting areas within the AI field.

MyCaffe was written with the realization of the growing need to make the AI process easier by visualizing not only the model design, but also the model weights themselves.  From this SignalPop AI Designer was created to give developers tools to visually design, develop, train, test and most importantly – debug their AI models.  Today, the SignalPop AI Designer is an invaluable ease-of-use, visual, drag-n-drop platform used to create new AI models solving problems in the financial and UAV (drone) markets among many others.

As an Ethereum crypto enthusiast working with open-source mining software on GPU hardware, Dave realized the similarities between solving AI problems and mining cryptocurrencies. The SignalPop Universal Miner was written as a flexible platform enabling crypto mining, distributed ‘AI mining’ and other new markets that lie ahead.

The decentralizing nature of blockchain technologies especially interests SignalPop  by creating systems that more fairly compensate miners (crypto or other) while charging participants a fair market rate for its use.  SignalPop is driven to bring this same type of ‘distributed fairness’ to the AI market.

Prior to starting SignalPop, Dave was the CTO and Lead Inventor at ROY-G-BIV Corporation building and managing a world-wide patent portfolio of 50 robotics patents.  Several of these patents were the first to pass not only the Re-Examination process but also the new (at the time) 2012 PTAB process with no claims amended.

Dave wrote system level robotics software used to monitor and run numerous large-scale industrial machines at one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in North America.

In his spare time Dave can be found windsurfing the steady winds of The Gorge, mountain biking, backcountry snowboarding or using AI to search for actionable trading patterns in the SPY ETF and other equity instruments.