SignalPop Universal Miner

Off-load AI workloads using the SignalPop Universal Miner's distributed AI support.

Easily mine Ethereum while you wait to train AI work packages.

Monitor and manage your GPU hardware while you use it for mining or training AI solutions.

NOTE: Ethereum mining has come to an end.  We are in the process of converting the Ethereum miner into an ETC miner, but this effort is currently in an alpha stage at this point in time.

Are you looking for an easy way to mine Ethereum while also using your GPU’s with distributed AI to off-load your AI work-loads?  The SignalPop Universal Miner allows you to do both – mine Ethereum while no AI projects are running and then switch to solving AI problems when the need arises thus freeing up your development machine for more AI development tasks.

When training an AI solution, the SignalPop Universal Miner uses the same underlying software as the SignalPop AI Designer thus ensuring that you have more consistent results whether training locally with the SignalPop AI Designer or remotely using the SignalPop Universal Miner.

All you need to start running distributed AI solutions is a Windows 10 based PC with a compatible GPU and the SignalPop Universal Miner!

SignalPop Universal Miner Download – version

Minimum System Requirements

The SignalPop Universal Miner is built for Windows developers running on Windows 10/11 PC’s that have at least one compatible GPU installed. With that in mind the minimum requirements for the SignalPop Universal Miner are as follows:

SignalPop Universal Miner Specific Requirements

Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10/11
Hard Disk Space: 
10 GB free disk space (SSD recommended)
Memory (PC side): at least 16 GB 
GPU Model: 
NVIDIA 1060 or above
(requires CUDA support and the latest NVIDIA driver version 516.40 or later).
GPU Memory: 6 GB (8 GB or more recommended) 

SignalPop Universal Miner Terms and Conditions

Universal Miner Note for Windows 10 CoinMiner Warning

When mining Ethereum, the SignalPop Universal Miner uses the executable ‘’ where ‘xx.x’ are replaced by the current version number.  This is the software used to mine Ethereum for you and is in-fact a ‘CoinMiner’.  The code for this executable is open-source and made available on our Git site.  When first running the SignalPop Universal Miner you may encounter an ‘access denied’ warning within the status window such as the following.

Access Denied (by Windows)

In addition, in the lower right corner of your screen you may see a warning from Windows such as the following.  This is expected, for to mine Ethereum you must allow the SignalPop Universal Miner to run its Ethereum miner implemented in its ‘‘ module.

App and browser control warning.

When you encounter this warning, simply close the SignalPop Universal Miner and click on the ‘App & browser control‘ warning which will bring you to the ‘Virus & threat protection‘ window.

Virus & threat protection (in Windows)

As noted above, Windows has detected the ‘‘ executable, run by the SignalPop Universal Miner’ as a CoinMiner, which in-fact it is — it is mining Ethereum for you.   To allow your Ethereum miner to run, click on the ‘PUA:Win32/CoinMiner‘ icon and select the ‘Allow on device‘ radio button shown below, and then press ‘Start actions‘.

Allow Ethereum Mining

Once completed, go ahead an re-run the SignalPop Universal Miner and before mining Ethereum, make sure that you have configured the SignalPop Universal Miner to compensate your Ethereum Address for your mining.

To make sure that your Ethereum miner is mining for your Ethereum address, make sure that you have changed the ‘Primary Address’ to your Ethereum address as shown below and noted in the SignalPop Universal Miner Getting Started document.

Setup Your Ethereum Miner

NOTE, in the event that you do not want to mine Ethereum, you can still run the SignalPop Universal Miner to solve AI solutions, just don’t press the ‘Run‘ (() button while on the ‘’ tab within the SignalPop Universal Miner.

Universal Miner Note for Symantec 360 Users

Using the SignalPop Universal Miner with the Symantec Norton 360 firewall may trigger a false positive for the ‘Miner.Bitcoinminer Activity 22’ alert, which appears to detect the Stratum protocol used by the WPE.NET.MINER.ETHEREUM.xx.x.EXE SignalPop Universal Miner executable to communicate with the pool site.  This Symantec alert will stop the SignalPop Universal Miner from being able to mine.  To disable this alert, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Symantec 360 Product and select Settings.
  2. Next, select Firewall and then Intrusion and Browser Protection.
  3. Select the Configure link from the Intrusion Signatures item.
  4. Disable the Miner.Bitcoinminer Activity 22 item with signature ID 31152.

After accepting these settings, re-run the SignalPop Universal Miner and mining will run and correctly mine Ethereum.