SignalPop Advisory Service

Unlock the Power of AI with SignalPop: Your Expert Partner for Complex Challenges

SignalPop specializes in unlocking the power of AI for complex multi-variate predictions used in demand forecasting, anomaly detection, change point detection and trend analysis.

Our Expertise
    • We have experience in large language models and  time-series related problems, leveraging rich datasets to build accurate prediction models. But our expertise extends beyond time-series and includes object detection such as tacking gas leak detection in oil & gas and more.
    • Deep AI Experience: From Llama2 to Temporal Fusion Transformers (multi-variate time-series) to Transformer Models (like GPT and LLMs), we have a diverse arsenal of cutting-edge AI models to solve your unique needs.  All of our models are implemented at the foundation level – right down to the GPU kernels that make these models work.
    • Deep Patent Experience: We know what it takes to create robust patents – In his previous company, our founder built and managed a world-wide patent portfolio of 50 robotics patents.  Several of these patents went through the older re-exam process with all claims unchanged, and also were the first patents to pass through the Patent Trial and Appeal Board unchanged.  We are adept at reverse engineering existing solutions to create designs ready for full patent applications or can create the initial designs by working directly with you and your engineering teams.  We work closely with you and give a perspective of an inventor who has already experienced all aspects that a patent must be ready to go through – we help manage the prior art landscape and work directly with patent counsel on claim construction and office action responses.  When on the defensive side, we can help create successful IPR challenges – giving you the deep technical knowledge necessary to invalidate adverse patents.
How We Help
    • We can translate your current designs, reverse engineer your existing software into designs or create new designs outright that are ready for implementation and if desired filing as provisional or full patent applications.
    • We can help creating the prototypes that enable your ideas, while keeping mind moving those prototypes to full production in short order.
    • We can help you debug difficult AI models to boost overall performance and prediction accuracy.
    • We can help extend your existing AI team capacity.  Whether programming in low-level GPU kernels in C/C++, programming AI models in Python/PyTorch, or gluing everything together with Windows C# and the .NET Framework, we are ready to help.
What sets us apart from the others?

Not only do we understand the patent process at a very deep level, but we are professional software developer’s adept in the C/C++, C#, Python and SQL languages.  We understand how complex AI and Robotic systems work at a foundational level because we have either built those systems ourselves or are currently building them using existing open-source projects.

Collaboration & Transparency
  • Seamless Access: All work products are stored securely in a private GitHub repository for your easy access and collaboration.
  • Convenient Communication: We hold regular project meetings on Zoom at your preferred time, ensuring clear communication and alignment.
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Our Process

ChatGPT has proven that AI Technologies are rapidly evolving.  Companies that learn how to leverage these new technologies with their own data will be the new leaders in their respective markets.  The SignalPop Advisory Service is designed to help companies better integrate AI technologies into their corporate and operational processes.

Given that we have implemented most AI technologies into the MyCaffe AI Platform, our deep knowledge of AI allows us to provide better insights into how to best leverage AI to super charge your data.

From Data to Decision
Data to Decision

Our goal is to help you make better decisions based on your data.  We have a three-phase process to achieve this:

  1. Understand your Data.
  2. AI Architectural Plan.
  3. Implementation Plan.
Phase 1 – Understanding Your Data
Understanding your Data

Our first principles approach is to understand your data pool in its entirety. This step is vital to all other phases.  Many corporations have vast amounts of data but may have limited understanding of what their data actually is and what information can be derived from it. We dive in deep to understand the structure of your data, what it is, how it is organized, how often it is collected and other key aspects.

The deliverable for this phase is a data design document that concisely describes your company’s data profile.

Phase 2 – AI Architectural Planning
AI Architectural Planning

After acquiring a full understanding of your data and its organization, we are ready to design AI systems that extract value from the data.  The architectural design is similar to an architectural design for a sturdy building – where your data sets are the building blocks.  This phase involves designing the data formation, AI models and training plan necessary to learn from your data.  Prototyping is used to prove various outcome theories implemented by the AI models.  Once the AI models and training prototypes demonstrate the ability to learn from your data sets, we are ready for the next phase.

The deliverable for this phase is the AI architectural design and system planning document and prototypes that prove the AI models.

Phase 3 – Implementation Planning
Implementation Planning

Implementation planning provides the roadmap for turning the AI models, training and prototypes specific to your company’s data sets into a production ready AI system.  This phase transforms your once seemingly opaque data sets into actionable information.

The deliverable for this phase is an implementation planning document that contains recommendations on how to integrate the AI architecture and systems of phase 2.  For example, we may recommend third-party solutions, gaps requiring custom solutions and/or a full plan required by an internal team.   This phase is used to convert the AI architectural and system designs into production ready systems that produce actionable information that helps you to make better decisions moving your company ahead of your competitors.


At SignalPop we use this same three phase method to design and implement the AI models used in our real-time automatic trading systems.  Our models process 50 million quotes per day with over 40,000 data points in 200 millisecond periods – over 1 billion data points per day.  Our automated trading models process, integrate and interface complex and varied datasets and data feeds to make pinpoint trade decisions in arguably the most volatile securities markets – short term options.  Our trading models make and execute all trading decisions.

Next Steps

To engage with the SignalPop Advisory Services, contact us today.  Most projects are structured as time and material + expenses.  Each project has its own unique requirements and resources needs, so contact us today for a free assessment on how we can help your company become more competitive by leveraging your data with AI.  SignalPop will help you find the gold in your data!