The SignalPop products are designed to seamlessly work with the MyCaffe AI Platform. See us on GitHub for the on MyCaffe source code.  And, to easily integrate MyCaffe into your products, just add the MyCaffe Nuget package to your project.

MyCaffe Test Application – use for creating your database and testing the MyCaffe installation.
MyCaffe AI Platform – integrate MyCaffe directly into your C# applications.
SignalPop AI Designer – visually design, build, train and debug your AI models.
SignalPop Trading Studio – trade short-term options and analyze real-time gamma exposure and buy/sell pressures typically associated with large hedging programs.
Latest Product Releases

SignalPop AI Designer – version
(see the product page to get license keys)

To add CUDA 11.7 and CUDA 11.6 support see the Beta Portal

Previous Product Releases

SignalPop AI Designer – version