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Report AI Designer Bugs Here.
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When reporting bugs, please provide as much detail as possible for the more detail that you provide, the higher the chance that we can find and fix the bug!

Please enter the following information for each bug:

  1. The version of your operating system (Windows 7, Windows 10) and service packs used.
  2. The configuration of your PC (host memory in GB, type of hard drive [ssd or standard], processor, etc.)
  3. The model name and number of your NVIDIA GPU(s), including the amount of GPU memory in GB (for example, NVIDIA 750TI, 2GB).
  4. The version number of the SignalPop Product used (for example, AI Designer v. – select the Help | About menu item to get your product version).
  5. A description of the bug – what happens?
  6. IMPORTANT: The steps that we should take to reproduce the bug.  The more information that you can provide here, the better.  If we cannot reproduce the bug, we cannot fix it!