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Using MyCaffe NUGET Package

The easiest way to use MyCaffe is to add the MyCaffe Nuget Package to your Visual Studio 2022 project.  The following steps demonstrate how to do this.

1.) From within Visual Studio 2022, create a new Windows Forms App (.NET Framework) or Console App (.NET Framework)

2.) Make sure to use .NET Framework 4.8

3.) Select the Properties | Build menu and uncheck the ‘Prefer 32-bit‘ option to ensure a 64-bit build (MyCaffe requires 64-bit)

4.) Right click your project in the Solutions Explorer and select the ‘Manage NuGet Packages…‘ menu item.

5.) Browse for ‘MyCaffe‘ and install the package into your project.

6.) When building a Console App, make sure to delete the sample files: MyCaffeSample.csFormMyCaffeSamples.csAleSample.cs, OnnxSample.cs, and WebCamDialog.cs.
These files use Windows Forms and are only intended to show you how to use MyCaffe and its various parts but are not needed to use MyCaffe.

Once installed into your application and building you are ready to start using MyCaffe!

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