SignalPop Trading Studio

The SignalPop Trading Studio™ is a real-time analytics application that combines gamma exposure analytics with real-time AI driven momentum and trend predictions.  The application runs in one of two different modes BASIC and ADVANCED.

BASIC provides all gamma exposure (GEX) charts and price overlays along with real-time buy sell pressure updates.

ADVANCED adds AI driven analytics that include AI predicted momentum and trend analytics.  An NVIDIA GPU is required for all ADVANCED AI features.  A low-cost 4GB  NVIDIA 1050ti GPU (under $300) can get you started analyzing over 40,000 real-time data points in around 200 milliseconds.

NOTE: Additional charges apply when using the Advanced mode.

SignalPop Trading Studio Download – version (Microsoft Store)

Minimum System Requirements

The SignalPop Trading Studio Advanced is built for Windows 10/11 users who want to combine in depth real-time gamma exposure analytics with real-time AI analytics used to predict momentum and trend movements.  If you do not have a GPU, no problem – the SignalPop Trading Studio will just run in Basic mode.  With that in mind the minimum requirements for the SignalPop Trading Studio Advanced are as follows:

SignalPop Trading Studio BASIC System Requirements
Brokerage Account: You must have an account at Tradier Brokerage.
Operating System:
64-bit Windows 10/11 (Windows S Mode not supported)
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB free disk space (SSD recommended)
System Memory (PC side): at least 16 GB (32 GB recommended)
Screen Resolution: 1920×1080 or higher with fonts at 100% recommended.
Internet Connection: a consistent 40Mbps internet download or higher.

SignalPop Trading Studio ADVANCED System Requirements
BASIC Requirements; All BASIC requirements above.
GPU Model: NVIDIA Pascal GPU or above (e.g., 1050TI) with CUDA 11.8.
CUDA support required with NVIDIA driver version 531.14 or later.
GPU Memory: 4 GB

Recommended GPUs – The SignalPop Trading Studio will run without a GPU, but all ADVANCED MODE AI functionality requires an NVIDIA CUDA enabled GPU with at least 4GB of video memory.  We test on entry level GPUs like the following:

Report Issues – when reporting issues, please be specific and attach screen shots showing the problem, to help us resolve the issue as soon as possible.  Also, any suggestions provided are appreciated!

Getting Started – the getting started document shows you how to use the SignalPop Trading Studio application.

Contact us to be notified of product updates.

SignalPop Trading Studio Terms and Conditions