SignalPop Background Intellectual Property (Background IP)

With nearly a decade of experience building solutions in the AI field, SignalPop has created solutions to solve complex problems in a wide range of fields, including Object Detection, Natural Language Processing, Classification, and Time-Series Prediction. SignalPop is the author and curator of the MyCaffe AI Platform, an accepted framework in ONNX, an NVIDIA Inception Partner and a Microsoft Partner for Windows Store Apps.

SignalPop provides custom AI software solutions to solve complex problems that fit your specific needs.  Whether detecting objects or gases in video streams, predicting future outcomes from complex time-series data, or using AI in high frequency, real-time data feeds, SignalPop has you covered.

SignalPop Solution Process

Each custom application and solution leverage our deep knowledge of various AI technologies by using our MyCaffe AI Platform, SignalPop AI Designer and other Background IP products, technologies and services as listed below.

Background Intellectual Property (Background IP)

To deliver top quality solutions to you quickly, SignalPop leverages the software products, AI models, REST API and other technologies developed by SignalPop, and customizes these technologies to fit your specific needs.  The following list of products and technologies are included in SignalPop’s Background IP.

All customizations are distributed under the product/technology licenses for which the customizations are applied.

  • MyCaffe AI Platform: The MyCaffe AI Platform is an extensive, full-featured open-source AI platform distributed under the MyCaffe Apache 2.0 license.
  • SignalPop AI Designer: The SignalPop AI Designer is a full-featured AI development environment that supports a plug-n-play model that supports Dataset Creators used to create AI training data, and Evaluators used to evaluate trained models.  This product is distributed under the SignalPop AI Designer license agreement.
  • SignalPop Trading Studio: The SignalPop Trading Studio is a full-featured real-time trading platform used to trade short-duration options that includes a plug-n-play model which supports custom automatic-trading modules used to drive automatic trading decisions. This product is distributed under the SignalPop Trading Studio license agreement.
  • SignalPop Trading Studio Automatic Trading and Debugger: The SignalPop Trading Studio Automatic Trading system and debugger are internal-only technologies used to automatically trade short duration options using proprietary AI based algorithms.  The debugger features are used to diagnose and improve automatic trading functionality.
  • SignalPop Data Collectors: The SignalPop Data Collectors are internal-only technologies used to automatically collect real-time and historical option and price data, cand collect economic event and news data.
  • SignalPop Investing Studio: The SignalPop Investing Studio is a product used to analyze and back-test more-long term trading strategies.  This product is distributed under the SignalPop Technology Apache 2.0 license agreement.
  • SignalPop REST API: The SignalPop REST API provides API based services for custom data feeds and Edgar database access. This product is distributed under the SignalPop Technology Apache 2.0 license agreement.
  • SignalPop EDGAR Processing Software: The SignalPop EDGAR Processing Software downloads large dataset filings from the EDGAR database and parses fundamental and textual sections from each filing which are then stored in a local database.
  • 10Q.AI URL and WebSite – the 10Q.AI site is designed as an interface providing intelligence on the EDGAR database information set.
  • SignalPop Universal Miner: The SignalPop Universal Miner is a full featured mining technology used to run AI work packages and mine cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and other minable cryptocurrencies. This product is distributed under the SignalPop Universal Miner licensing agreement.
  • SignalPop Custom Automatic Build System: The SignalPop Automatic Build System is a proprietary software development tool used to build each of the SignalPop Products including building each of the binaries and installation files, versioning, and signing each file with SignalPop code-keys for security.

SignalPop Background IP may be licensed under a custom license agreement that specifies what is licensed (source code and/or binary execution files) and the terms and conditions therein.


Any modifications, customizations, or enhancements made to the Background IP during the course of any engagement with SignalPop LLC will remain the property of SignalPop LLC. Such customizations will be licensed to you (the Client) under the same terms as the Background IP, ensuring seamless integration and use within the scope of the services provided.