New beta release now synced up with native Caffe through 2/1/2018!

We have just released a new beta release – version that is fully synced up with the native Caffe open-source project up through 2/1/2018.

New features added in this version include the following:

1.) The deconvolution layer now supports the CUDNN engine.
2.) The BilinearFill has been updated.
3.) All NVIDIA cuDNN errors are now supported up through version 7.0.5.
4.) All NVIDIA CUDA errors are now supported up through version 9.1.
5.) The CUDA.9 low-level interface DLL now use compute_35 and sm_35 (for compute_30, sm_30) use the CUDA.8 low-level interface DLL.
6.) NCCL has been updated to resolve issues caused when training in multi-GPU configuration.

Happy learning!