Custom AI Solutions

With over 7 years of experience building solutions in the AI field, SignalPop has created solutions to solve complex problems in a wide range of fields, including Object Detection, Natural Language Processing, Classification, and Time-Series Prediction. SignalPop is the author and curator of the MyCaffe AI Platform, an accepted framework in ONNX, an NVIDIA Inception Partner and a Microsoft Partner for Windows Store Apps.

SignalPop provides custom AI software solutions to solve complex problems that fit your specific needs.  Whether detecting objects or gases in video streams, predicting future outcomes from complex time-series data, or using AI in high frequency, real-time data feeds, SignalPop has you covered.

SignalPop Solution Process

Each application leverages our deep knowledge of various AI technologies and uses our MyCaffe AI Platform and SignalPop AI Designer products.  In our process, we first transform your raw data into forms that are digestible by the AI models.  Next, we train and validate the custom AI models, using the SignalPop AI Designer, to find the insights you are looking for within your data.  In the final phase, each custom AI model is packaged into a custom Windows application developed by SignalPop to fit your needs.

All solutions are delivered as a custom installation binary and are ready to run on your local Microsoft Windows-based computers out of the box.

Microsoft Azure based hybrid cloud solutions are also available depending on your needs.

To get started with your custom AI solution, contact SignalPop today.

Example Solution 1: Detecting Gas Leaks

SignalPop demonstrated detecting gas leaks using a video feed provided by Sierra-Olympia Technologies, filmed with the Ventus OGI 640×512 resolution MWIR camera.  Read more about this solution here.

Example Solution 2: Predicting Time-Series

SignalPop created a solution for predicting electricity usage, traffic flows and consumer demand using time-series predictions.  Read more about this solution here.

TFT Favorita product demand flow Predictions
Example Solution 3: Real-Time Automatic Trading

SignalPop created a solution for automatic, real-time trading of short duration options in the financial markets.  Read more about this solution here or download the app from the Windows Store (auto-trading not included).

In our automatic trading solutions, we process over 70 million quotes per day on heavy days, processing up to 50,000 data points in under 100 milliseconds on high end GPUs.