New beta release, with a new focus on Windows 10 (1709+)

We have just released a new beta with a new focus on Windows 10 (specifically 1709 and above).  With this release moving forward, Windows 10 will be our primary platform of focus, yet we will continue to run our test cycles on Windows 7.

New Features and Fixes

The following main additions have been added to this release:

  • Support for newly released CUDA 9.1 (patches 1-3) and cuDNN 7.1.1
  • Fixed memory overwrites caused during the convolution backward pass when group > 1.
  • New updated, faster installation.
New Installation Notes

We have changed our installation process in that we now install the SignalPop In-Memory Database Service under the Local Service account.  Before using the LOAD_FROM_SERVICE image loading method you will need to do one of the following:

1.) Make sure the Local Service account has access to your DNN database tables (Use the SQL Server Management Studio to make these changes).

2.) Alternatively, change the Service Account used by the SignalPop In-Memory Database service to an account that has access to the tables within the DNN database.  This link will show you how to do just that.