BATCHNORM and ELU now support cuDNN!

In our latest release, version, we have added cuDNN support to both the BATCHNORM and ELU layers which provide speed improvements.  In addition we have added the following new features and fixes.

New Features
  • BATCHNORM layer now supports the cuDNN engine.
  • ELU layer now supports the cuDNN engine.
  • Layer debugging added that allows for easy NAN/INF detection on each pass.
  • Warnings are now supported in the Output Window.
  • Mouse-wheel scrolling has been added to the Toolbox Window.
  • The Model Editor now supports single-stepping both forward and backward passes.
  • The Model Editor now supports drag-n-drop replacement of Neuron layers.
New Bug Fixes
  • BATCHNORM layer (CUDA version) had numerous bug fixes.
  • ACCURACY layer had bug fixes related to NAN output.
  • POOLING configuration dialog now allows global pooling and kernel sizes of zero.
  • Stream synchronization improvements added throughout MyCaffe.
  • T-SNE now properly uses the T-SNE % of images.
  • Bug fixes added to resolve weight importing issues.
Known Issues

There appear to be several stability issues in the NVIDIA driver version 397.31 (as noted here).  We have also experience similar stability issues with this driver and version 397.64 when running on Windows 10.  For these reasons, we recommend using the NVIDIA Driver version 391.35 at this time.

Happy ‘deep’ learning!