ResNet-56 for CIFAR-10 Now Supported!

In our latest release, version, we now support the ResNet-56 model trained on CIFAR-10 as described by [1], and do so with the newly released CUDA 9.2/cuDNN 7.1.4.

ResNet-56 Model for CIFAR-10

To try this out yourself, just follow the easy steps in the new ResNet tutorial!

New Features
  • New CUDA 9.2 support (requires driver 397.93 or above)
  • New cuDNN 7.1.4 support.
  • Easily switch between CUDA 9.2 and CUDA 9.1.
  • New ResNet-56 support with new model and solver templates.
  • Added ability to print models to image using Save As and selecting the Model image files (*.png) type.
  • Easily apply the settings of one node to all others like it in the Model Editor by right clicking the node and selecting the Apply Settings menu item.
Bug Fixes
  • New bug fixes in the BATCHNORM layer.
  • Solvers now correctly support blobs with no diff.
  • Previous stability issues now appear resolved (by NVIDIA) in latest NVIDIA 397.93 driver.  We now recommend using the 397.93 driver or later.

Happy ‘deep’ learning!


[1] Yihui He, ResNet 20 32 44 56 110 for CIFAR10 with caffe. GitHub, 2016.